Martha Stuckey



  • Wrote and performed world premiere of DUE TO THE SENSITIVE NATURE at Kimmel Center
  • Original song We Coulda Been was featured on NPR's SOUND OPINIONS
  • Named Knight Foundation's and Billy Penn's "Who's Next" for Young Leader's in the Music Industry
  • Theater Resident at Joe's Pub and the Kimmel Center in 2017



  • THE FLEECING                              Devisor/Performer       Ben Grinberg                          Almanac Dance Circus Theater
  • Close Music For Bodies                Devisor/Performer       Michael Kiley/Rebecca Wright FringeArts Curated Production
  • The End Alternate Reality Game Creator/Guide            Adrienne Mackey                 Swimpony
  • The Devil's Auction                       Augusta Soehlke        Adrienne Mackey                 Drexel Theater Residency
  • Mommy Queerest                              Performer                       John Jarboe                           The Bearded Ladies
  • I Promised Myself to Live Faster  Creator                           Dan Rothenberg                     Pig Iron Theatre Company
  • 99 Breakups                                      Creator/Performer         Quinn Bauriedel                     Pig Iron Theatre Company
  • La Giara: An Operetta                      Norma                             Patricia Haddad                      Minas and Blueazul Productions
  • Nightfall                                             Creator/Performer          Ben Grinberg                          Almanac Dance Circus Theater
  • Society for Civil Discourse               Creator/Performer          Alex Torra                               Team Sunshine Performance Co.
  • The West                                           Creator/Performer          Alex Bechtel                           Off Broad Street Theater
  • The Sincerity Project                        Choir Member                 Alex Torra                               Team Sunshine Performance Co.
  • PAY UP                                              Narrator/Scenester         Dan Rothenberg                    Pig Iron Theatre Company
  • Hackles                                             Collaborator/Cynthia       Mason Rosenthal                   Lightning Rod Special
  • A is for Anaconda                             Performer                        John Greenbaum                   BRAT Productions
  • Helen                                                 Athena                             Jeanne Willcoxon                  J&R Productions
  • Life & Times of Gallileo                    Andrea                             Gary Gisselman                      St. Olaf Theater
  • Urinetown                                         Hope                                 Karen Peterson Wilson          St. Olaf Theater



  • Red 40 & The Last Groovement                                    Lead Artist/Lead Singer/Songwriter
    •  FringeArts Residency – 2014-2016
    •  Presented Artist in Ars Nova Theater Festival
  • Joe’s Pub – The Martha Graham Cracker Cabaret      Soloist/Back-up Singer
  • Ben Folds – Orchestral Tour 2011                                 Back-up Singer
  • 1812 Productions Cabaret                                              Performer/Soloist



  • Blood In The Bathtub    Woman                Brian Melton Productions for TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb
  • Slow Learners               June                     Official Selection for Tribeca Film Festival - 9.14 Pictures
  • Outskirts                        Tabitha                 Productions for                            
  • Scarf-face                      Scarf-face            Peter English Productions



  • Narrator in PAY UP!                  James Sugg, Audio Engineer, Pig Iron Theatre Co.



MFA in Devised Theater - Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training  

  • Philadelphia, PA - Graduated 2016
  • Physical theatre, Improvisation, Devised Theatre, Acrobatics, Clowning, Mask work, Melodrama
  • Instructors: Quinn Bauriedel, Sarah Sanford, Emmanuelle Delpech, Geoff Sobelle, Dito van Reigersberg, Dan Rothenberg, Nichole Canuso, Jean-Rene Toussaint 


  • Modern and improvisational movement  -  Nichole Canuso
  • West African Dancing in Ghana  -  Koo Nimo, J.H.K. Nketia
  • Musical Theatre Movement  -  Linda Talcott-Lee
  • Ballet  -  Jennifer Bader
  • Physical Comedy Training  -  Nathan Keepers


  • Acting, Directing  -  Gary Gisselman, Jeanne Willcoxon, Dona Werner Freeman


  • Classical  -  Shannon Carthey Stuckey, Soo Yeon Kim, Alison Feldt
  • Musical Theatre  -  John Daniels, Tracey Gorman, Larry Weller
  • Cabaret - Dito van Reigersberg
  • Speech - Jean-Rene Toussaint


  • Classical  -  Shannon Carthey Stuckey
  • Accompanying  -  Alex Bechtel, Suzanne Torkelson

Other Education 

  • B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology & Women's Studies at St. Olaf College with Distinction




Coloratura soprano, Character transformation, Impersonations, Piano, Guitar, Sight Reading, Drag make-up, Mime, Tumbling, Hand-to-Hand acrobatics, Spanish, Accents upon request, Stage Combat, Burping, Valid Passport, and Licensed Driver